Thursday, March 26, 2009

The end of it all

Leaving Andrew’s hut, I headed back down the trail which narrowed to a widened path with encroaching wilderness on either side... the path is hard and I had to slow to a crawl…

Suddenly, I noticed movement ahead— the road is covered with baboons! I switched off the bike and etched closer for a good picture with my Nokia phone/camera, but they all scattered. It was then that I realized that they were absolutely everywhere! In the trees…in the bushes…in the tall grass…hiding behind rocks.

Understand that when I don’t feel in control, I often find it safer to just run and hide and then evaluate the situation, which is what I elected to do on this occasion. Besides, I forgot to eat and I was also starting to feel somewhat dehydrated.

Switch on—kick start—gear—throttle and go!

20 minutes ahead, I joined back up with the main road and headed southward...homeward.

The sun set, the shadows grew long, and the bugs were out! After taking a few in the mouth, I lowered the plastic protector on my helmet and double timed it home. The road is dangerous after dark and I wanted to get there and see my wonderfully patient wife and sweet children. I had missed them throughout the course of the day and wanted to be on time for our evening meal so we can talk about the day we all had.

I rolled in about ‘dark 30’ and was welcomed by our two rottermans…then Cherith (our 2 y.o.) followed by Moriah (our 4 y.o) before I could even make it of the Honda. Prior to making it to the door Shawn and Jamison (my 2 BIG boys of 9 & 7) meet me to take my bag, and finally my dear wife with a welcome home kiss and a glass of cold water.

Thank you Lord for another good day in your ministry and for a family that loves me and loves you! May your Word forever stand and may the hearts which were confronted with the truth melt in submission so they may find true peace and everlasting salvation.

I can hardly wait to go back on Sunday!

~Mwishoni ~ aka ~The End~

[These 4 posts were NOT a mixture of outstanding events which happened on several occasions that I combined to make my day sound more interesting! This was just an example of a typical day in the life of ministry. There are many stories which I COULD tell…and may…but not today.]

Maybe YOU can help by suggesting another story about which you would like to hear.

1.) The “Good Samaritan” scenario
2.) Over night with the Datooga
3.) Interesting encounters with…bugs
4.) “There’s a crazy man in your car!”
5.) Witnessing to a Masai

On the other hand, it could be possible that you are interested more in a shorter ‘Infoblog’ where I talk about things that I mentioned throughout the story in which you would like more info:

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2.) Tarangire National Park and its ‘wildness’
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Make your suggestions by posting a comment and I will take it from there.

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  1. We've really enjoyed hearing about your typical day. Thank you for sharing. Glad you've started a blog!

    #2 on both lists would be my first picks.